It was only a few weeks into our freshmen year at Babson College when Joe and I met. We were randomly assigned as partners on our first-ever school project called Rocket Pitches. You come up with a business idea and present it to the class Shark Tank style. I came up with the business idea and Joe presented it to the class. After our presentation, Joe and I walked back to our dorm room (we happened to live in the same dorm, right down the hall from each other) and it started to rain. Joe held an umbrella over my head and in that moment, for no particularly significant reason, I thought, “This man is going to be my husband one day.” I felt silly for thinking it, having known Joe for a few short weeks, but it was obvious we had an instant connection that was unexplainable. Over the next year we would do homework together and instant message each other over AIM during class. After a summer apart, we reunited back at Babson for our sophomore year and made it official when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Meeting someone when you’re 18 is never easy, we’ve certainly had our up’s and down’s, but as Joe said during freshmen year, “we’re like magnets”.